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Hi, I’m Mat.

I’m a 20-something millennial Malaysian, an Engineer by trade and loves to talk and read about money, investing and self-development. 

A little bit about me: I received a moderate monthly income, I love to travel, I like to try fancy food once in a while, I draw pixelated stick figure sometimes  and I am aiming to achieve financial freedom within the next 7 years.

Pretty average, right?  Nevertheless, if you can relate to any of those (who don’t like fancy food?) then this blog might be for you. In this blog, I am sharing my journey towards financial freedom and blogs anything about:

  1. Personal Finances
  2. Self-development
  3. Investing


Why this three? Well, I think they are the main pillar in achieving financial freedom. I believe that financial freedom is about improving one’s life towards self-actualization.


How Did Matkewangan Name Come About?

Just like a Joe or a Jane, Mat can be anyone. In fact, Mat is us, on our journey towards financial freedom.

So, by establishing matkewangan, I hope to share my journey and instill financial literacy in every Mat out there. If you are able to take something from this blog, I will be more than flattered.

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