This page list several of my favourite tools that I personally used in order to simplify and enhance my financial. The tools are wide-ranging such as applications for money management, investing websites, books and podcasts.


DISCLAIMER: There are some affiliate links below, but these are the products that I use and highly recommend.


Wahed Invest

Wahed Invest

Wahed Invest is a robo-advisory platform that focused on shariah-compliant investing. You can read my review here.

*Earn RM 10 bonus when signing up using my referral code: mohbin241



Luno is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. You can open an account to buy and sell cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

*Earn RM 25 worth of Bitcoin when signing up using my invite code: WDJ46

Money Management

Wallet Application

Wallet App

Wallet is a spending tracker application for Android and iOS. They are available as free version and premium version. In addition, Wallet also have a few additional features such as debts, goals and shopping list. Read my review on Wallet here.



You Don't Have to be a Shark

You Don't Have to be a Shark is written by Robert Herjavec, the shark from US TV Show, "Shark Tank". It is an easy to read book that focused on self-development and business with central theme of "selling". Read my review here.

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